Warren Levitan

Member, Montreal


What do you do?
I am the co-founder of Smooch.io, a messaging platform whose purpose is to humanize communications between businesses and consumers through new conversational experiences. I am also launching a new wealth management platform that is focused on helping investors achieve their personal goals vs. the arbitrary goal of ‘beating the market’. Rooted in behavioral finance, combined with the delivery comprehensive wealth services (not just asset management), Foundation Wealth’s purpose is to act as a financial quarterback and help clients achieve their financial and life goals.

What do you bring with you?
A love for business, specifically crafting new products and experiences, and then scaling them! I have never done the same thing twice and cherish the opportunity to solve new problems. From the early stages of my career in management consulting, to my international MBA (INSEAD), to five years spent in industrial manufacturing, over a decade in software and now in financial services, I can also bring a diverse network to bear on Homrun portfolio companies.

Why Homrun?
I love everything about startups – their focus on innovation, value creation and the culture that sustains them. Despite having visited Israel only 3 times, as a grand-child and nephew of survivors of the holocaust, my love for and belief in the importance of Israel runs deep. So, how could I possibly say to no the opportunity to help Israeli startups break into North American markets?