Wallace Meyer

Member, Kansas


What do you do?
Wally is the Director of Entrepreneurship Programs at the University of Kansas where he also teaches several classes in entrepreneurship, coaches student and faculty startups in the KU Catalyst incubator and advises several early stage companies. Prior to starting his second career in teaching, Wally was the CEO of four startup companies and held senior management positions at Gillette, Nabisco and Sprint.

What do you bring with you?
I bring a relatively unique combination of growing companies in real, in-market environments at both the startup and corporate expansion stages plus fifteen years of teaching how to launch, grow and harvest successful businesses. I’ve also met a few people along that path who can help Homrun companies.

Why Homrun?
Homrun’s goals are exactly coincident with mine: the desire to help Israel grow economically and remain socially democratic; and Homrun provides me with another opportunity to put back in recognition of the good fortune I’ve experienced. Besides, I believe it will be fun.