Steven Freidkin

Member, Washington DC


What do you do?
CEO and Founder of Ntiva, Inc., a leader in business IT responsible for the IT strategy and support for over 500 commercial businesses and non-profit associations.

What do you bring with you?
Understanding of technology and business operations (from working with my own companies and also getting to experience how hundreds of others run – good and bad). The ability to help with technology support and challenges, introduce key players in the Washington DC community, and to make investments in companies that excite me and access to others to do the same.

Why Homrun?
I am a big fan of networking to meet amazing people. Nothing makes me happier than connecting great people to others and giving them the ability to prosper together. I also enjoy evaluating new companies and being involved with the ones that will do well from an early stage. Homrun is a great platform to network and evaluate the companies, the special focus on Israel is an added bonus to me.