Homrun Team, New York


What do you do?
I represent Homrun in North America; I wear two hats, firstly I’m here to engage with our members on a local level and be a point of contact for them on all things Homrun. Secondly, I wear a business development hat on behalf of our Israeli portfolio companies. By acting as an extension of their team on the ground in the States we are able to significantly expedite the sales process.

What do you bring with you?
Coming from an investment background, I have developed a keen eye for spotting innovation and a winning team behind it. I enjoy coaching entrepreneurs on the various nuances they can encounter when doing business in the west whilst getting their “Israeli-ness” to shine through.

Why Homrun?
I am a passionate Zionist and former lone soldier in the IDF. I love the idea of being able to support and contribute to the State of Israel through economic ties whilst sharing amazing innovation with industry leaders. Networking is a highly underrated method to grow a business, Homrun has created an organized system like never seen before that does exactly that.