Phil Baratz

Member, Miami, FL


What do you do?
Our company, Angus Partners, focuses on the financial, operational and marketing needs of companies who – for the most part – are marketers of energy products and services. Our clients include heating oil, diesel fuel, gasoline, propane, natural gas and electricity wholesalers and retailers. We provide a number of services ranging from developing and executing risk management plans, to Business Intelligence reporting, as well as financing operations and expansion. We are in our 25th year in business, with almost 50 employees working out of our offices in Florida, Pennsylvania, New York and Connecticut.

What do you bring with you?
My personal and professional contacts run the gamut from energy industry professionals to the normal “Jewish geography” having been involved in synagogues (as past President) and Jewish Day Schools for the past 2+ decades.

Why Homrun?
On many levels, Israel is truly my second home. I spend at least 5 weeks there every year, have close family there, and each of my children has spent at least a year of study there. I look to invest in Israeli companies when and where I see a fit, and feel that it is an absolute obligation of every Jew to “tell our story” – the story that is missed, ignored or mangled by most of the mainstream press and all too many politicians.