Mikey Gutfeld

Member, Montreal


What do you do?
Co-owner and COO/CFO of Foursome Restaurant Group based in Montreal, running the entire ‘office’ realm of this multi-unit and distribution center operation, including finance, marketing, legal and operational support tools. Also serve as a director at The Sonoma Group acting as the financial analyst for investment opportunities.

What do you bring with you?
I bring years of experience in both distribution and hospitality senior management. Being a computer science graduate, a programmer, as well a financial analyst, I am accustomed to finding synergies between data and operations as well as providing a multi-disciplinary view on various matters. As a group, we have vast connections in the restaurant industry as well as mass market retailers with experience in bringing various types of consumer products to market.

Why Homrun?
Being born and raised in Israel, I am fully aware of the tremendous potential, knowledge and innovation that originates there. Since arriving in Canada it has been a desire of mine to form business relations with Israel. I believe there is space for Homrun to help companies that are not necessarily ready or willing to raise funds, but rather need guidance and networking opportunities to realize the objectives of their growing business. I believe that an understanding of both the North American and Israeli business mentalities will prove to be a valuable tool in assessing the feasibility of emerging projects.