Mark Heisler

Member, Chicago, IL


What do you do?
I’m a business consultant focused on creating value. I concentrate my practice in three areas: 1) industrial turnarounds; 2) hospitality; and 3) in the development of commercial real estate that supports both of those industries. I’m an Adjunct Professor of Hospitality & Tourism Management at Roosevelt University in Chicago

What do you bring with you?
I bring with me a love for the people, the land and the State of Israel. It is amazing to me that in my lifetime Israel has gone from a fledgling nation needing economic support to feed its people to an exporter of technology, food and other amazing products and services. I bring excitement to be a part of that process.

Why Homrun?
I’m choosing to get involved with Homrun for many reasons: The way in which Homrun is approaching bringing Israeli companies and their products to America is innovative and sure to be noteworthy as it gains traction; the opportunity to give something back to the Israeli economy without having to strike a massive check and the ability to show my American friends the impressive and cutting-edge business community found in Israel.