Jon Frieman

Member, New York


What do you do?
I have spent my entire life in leadership, solving complex problems in volatile and challenging work environments. As a U.S. Army Officer I deployed twice to the Middle East and commanded organizations as numerous as 35 soldiers and as large as $500M in assets. Today I am the Director of US Publisher Sales at Taboola (also Israeli) and graduated from the Johns Hopkins Carey School of Business with an MBA in Finance in the fall of 2018.

What do you bring with you?
The ability to address problems with critical thinking, operational experience, and a logical and unemotional decision-making process. I am an investor in several young companies and have worked with them to build their strategic vision, set realistic revenue goals, and evangelize their ideas.

Why Homrun?
Israel has had to innovate and iterate on ideas faster than any other modern state, and with more on the line. The U.S. Military has a phrase that says “Improvise, Adapt, Overcome”, and as a former Infantry Officer who has been to Israel 7 times, I’m not sure there are people on earth who better fit that motto than Israelis. If they want to build it, they will.