General Partner, Silicon Valley


What do you do?
Investor and advisor to startups. Founder and CEO of Golan ventures. Started a bridge of innovation between Israel and North America, focusing on helping Israeli companies succeed in the region. Mentored in some of the biggest tech accelerators in the world such as Google Launchpad and Singularity Venture. I love tech, innovation and making Israeli companies successful.

What do you bring with you?
I’ve sat on both sides of the table: In corporate – I saw how acquisitions happen. In startups – how do startups get acquired. I’ve been a founder raising money from investors and now became an investor myself, seeing both worlds. I bring 20+ years of engineering, business and strategy, the understanding of the North America market and what it takes to bring an Israeli company to succeed in the region. I’ll be focusing on Go-to-market, Growth, Investment and M&A strategies.

Why Homrun?
As an investor – Homrun is the first ‘crowd due – diligence’ platform in the world for B2B and Enterprise Companies. With the help of this brilliant well-connected network I can assess quick what startups can be successful in North America and if and when I want to invest in them. For startups – its a one-of-a-kind network that can make the impossible – possible for Israeli companies. ‘Its not about what you make – but what you make possible’ – and I’m extremely proud of what Homrun makes possible.