Harris Sterling

Member, New Jersey


What do you do?
I am currently affiliated with a number of business entities in different capacities. I own a digital marketing and consulting company called The Starren Group. We are a professional Amazon seller, helping companies launch products and navigate selling opportunities in the Amazon marketplace. On top of that I am the managing director and co-founder of a music licensing company called Starting Five Media. Starting Five Media, a company specializes in recording and licensing custom renditions of popular songs for use by our clients in their media projects. Starting Five Media has partnered with Ray Andersen, an exceptionally talented musician, composer and producer to produce, record and expedite custom renditions of classic songs or write, produce and record original compositions for clients. In addition, Starting Five will assist in securing the synchronization rights to both the master recordings and the music publishing on behalf of clients. I am also the EVP of business development and strategic marketing for a company called Newbourne Media, LP. Newbourne is a Canadian based independent book publisher and music company specializing in selling books and music into big box retailers in the US and Canada

What do you bring with you?
Creative thinking, digital and physical distribution abilities of entertainment products, marketing, brand licensing, music publishing and finding strategic partnerships to help leverage the content and relationships.

Why Homrun?
I love the entrepreneurial spirit and the drive I felt when visiting Homrun this past summer in Israel. I very much believe that talented driven individuals with superior ideas or skills can be very success in this world if a door can be cracked open for them to step through. My goal is to crack open as many doors as I can so the talent from these companies being vetted by Homrun can step in and successfully and profitably deliver their products and services to clients/consumers.