David Alter

Member, Montreal


What do you do?
I have 20 years of experience in the music and media industry. Before being sold, our company was the largest independent distributor of music in North America, and owned a library of over 100,000 recordings. Today I am president of Alter Ego Holdings which is an investment company with ownership in companies spanning various industries. As a part of The Sonoma Group, our current portfolio includes active businesses in the music, publishing and media industries, restaurants and hospitality, apparel industry, consumer products, health and wellness, fitness, and the connected health industry.

What do you bring with you?
I bring to the group a general knowledge base across all the industries that we participate in, and expertise in specific areas such as marketing, brand development, music and entertainment rights management, intellectual property and hospitality. In addition to my knowledge base, one of my greatest assets in my network and contact list which spans all the industries we participate in, and at very high levels.

Why Homrun?
I am a very strong supporter of Israel and everything that it has built over the last 70 years. My father was born in Israel and I will always want to do my part for Zionism. Israel is one of the most amazing countries in the world in what it has and continues to accomplish when one considers where it came from less than a century ago. Its small population has produced a massively disproportionate number of contributions to society on a global level. I want to do my part in helping more Israeli companies and entrepreneurs find their way wherever I’m able to help.