Corey Feldman

NextDor Member, New York


What do you do?
I am the Director of Enterprise Solutions and 15th employee of Parachute Health. We are changing the face of Healthcare – while technology continues to grow inside of Hospitals, documentation to secure products and services for patients when they leave is still faxed. We automate and digitize this process to ensure patients get discharged from the Hospital/Nursing Home on time with the equipment they need. We started about a year and a half ago and are presently in 30 Hospitals and 1200 post-acute care centers in 19 states. On the side, I am getting my professional certification in life coaching, and launching a company in the Medical Marijuana space aimed at matching patients with a cannabinoid mixture that will meet their medical needs based on a combination of their genetics and self-reporting.

What do you bring with you?
I bring with me a passion for and knowledge of Israel – I served as a long soldier for 3 years in a special operations unit of the IDF. I bring a passion for people, networking, and Israel. I bring a loyal following of pro-Israel supporters (my blog,, received over 100,000 views and my post “The Israeli Genocide in Gaza” was shared over 30,000 times on Facebook. The book I wrote about my IDF experiences will come out in early 2019). I bring energy, passion, and an excited network of people that would love to invest in Israel.

Why Homrun?
I love Israel, and I love your model. The idea of connecting young passionate Israel lovers and utilizing their skills and their networks to vet and fund companies is nothing short of brilliant. If there is one thing I could point to that I am unhappy about, it is that you guys thought of this before me and my friends did.