Brian Leiberman

NextDor Member, Montreal


What do you do?
I am a partner in a real estate start-up company called, online property rental platform for Chinese Foreign Students across North America. I am the head of business development and together with my team were responsible for scaling the platform across North America.

What do you bring with you?
I have experience working in operations and business development in high growth start-ups. Before I ran the operations in Montreal for (a hospitality start up company) where I was responsible for scaling our operations. As well, I have many connections in the Montreal Start-up scene and in industries such as Banking, Music, Technology, Medicine, Law that I look forward to connecting with Israeli companies.

Why Homrun?
I think that Homrun is a fantastic Idea. Being able to help Israeli companies not only deepens my connection with Israel but allows me to help in a way I would have never thought possible.