We are looking for brilliant, enthusiastic, and well-networked young professionals who are passionate about building a better economic future for Israel.
We are accepting young professionals age 22-35 anywhere in the US and Canada.

This is your opportunity to join a high-powered network of individuals driving growth for Israel’s economy
Homrun has reserved 10 of its member “seats” to be split and allotted to 150 outstanding young professionals. This means that 10% of our company will be young professional owned. Only 50 NextDor seats will be available during this application round, the rest will be filled at a later date.
This is how it works:
Members join Homrun as Limited Partners. With a one-time investment, they own a share in the company
Tel Aviv Office
The Tel Aviv office sources Israeli companies, performs due diligence, and selects the top products ready for the US market
Ranking Process
Every Sunday, the members receive a video through our unique software. In a 5 minute process, they lend us their insight on product/market fit and provide us relevant business contacts
Onboarding Partner Companies
The Tel Aviv office collects the data, analyzes it, and presents it to the Israeli company. Once the company understands what we can provide for them, we sign a contract
Deal Execution
The members set up meetings with contacts they provided earlier. From there, the Israeli companies form partnerships and sell their product
Revenue Model
A commission from each sale goes back to Homrun to finance its operation. The profit created is distributed back to the members as a dividend
By using the skills and connections of Homrun members Homrun helps Israeli companies sell their products outside of Israel Developing the Israeli economy and creating a better life for Israelis.
Members receive:
1. New way to express their Zionism
2. New business opportunities
3. Community in the US and Israel
4. Share of Homrun profit
Israel receives:
A boost to its economy
Everybody Wins.
Be a part of the team
Check the FAQs, and feel free to reach out to
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